NVIDIA Announces DGX Station A100 Workstation

NVIDIA Announces DGX Station A100 Workstation

NVIDIA announced the new DGX Station A100 workstation. The company’s new workstation has four 80 GB GPUs.

NVIDIA announced a very powerful GPU model called A100 last May. The GPU was designed for data center systems, not for the casual users to use it for simple operations. This workstation has dimensions that can also be suitable to be used in offices. So what does NVIDIA‘s new DGX Station A100 offer to its users?

The workstation has four A100 GPUs inside and is available in 40 GB and 80 GB models. The 80 GB model has 320 GB of GPU memory. DGX Station A100 is a device designed for scientific projects and business.

According to NVIDIA‘s statement, the DGX Station A100 “delivers data center performance without a data center.” This means that a data center-class cooling system will not be needed for the workstation. DGX Station A100 includes 64-core AMD CPU with 512 GB memory and 7.68 TB NVMe SSD.

According to the company’s statement, the DGX Station A100 offers 28 separate GPU instances for parallel work or access by multiple users. Companies that have acquired this workstation include BMW, Lockheed Martin, NTT Docomo and Pacific Northwest Laboratory. The reason why they are bought by such companies is artificial intelligence and research-oriented studies.

The company has not yet announced the price, but it is estimated to be over $ 150,000.