Play Control in Game Pass

Play Control in Game Pass

The Microsoft game library, used with a monthly subscription, continues to add new games constantly. Thus, Xbox continues to expand the number of games and user portfolio. Microsoft‘s last move on the subject was the announcement that Control will come to game library for PC.

With the release of Remedy‘s eerie interdimensional shooter to Xbox Game Pass, the game might land on pc as well. And it ultimately happened. Game Pass made a statement for the Control on its Twitter account. According to the announcement, Control will also be live and playable for PC Game Pass on Thursday, January 21st.

You are a guest of Jesse Faden‘s life in the game. Jesse Faden has to deal with some strange monsters in a mysterious place called the Federal Office of Control. In the game where you go on an adventure with weapons and super powers, you can throw things with your mind or steal a piece of yourself.

One player commented on the Control review. In the commentary, “Most of the Battles are delightful escape festivities. Control is a very useful shooter game. It feels good on your toes and there are lots of shaky visual effects that make your powers feel like smooth Hollywood super shit.

One More Game Will be Added to Xbox Game Pass

In addition, Sea Salt, Gris, Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, Final Fantasy XV and Indivisble will also leave Game Pass on February 1.