OPPO Expandable Screen Smartphone

OPPO Expandable Screen Smartphone

It has been revealed that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO is working on a new smartphone; with a vertically expandable screen. The company is said to have collaborated with US fashion designer Tom Ford for this phone.

OPPO is one of the most remarkable technology companies of recent times with its smart phones. OPPO continues to work for its new generation smartphones. In this context, the company’s new Reno5 smartphone family is expected to be announced soon. OPPO is also working on devices with different designs.

The source of the allegations comes from documents revealed by technology site LetsGoDigital. According to the details, the Chinese manufacturer plans to launch a smartphone with an expandable screen. Shared render images show us how this device will look and how the mechanics on the device will work.

OPPO may have partnered with fashion designer Tom Ford for its new smartphone:

In the shared images, there is a logo on the back of the smartphone, indicating that it was designed with world-famous fashion designer Tom Ford. This means that OPPO can brand its new phone with a US fashion designer.

To talk a little about the working mechanics, the device has a similar system to the formerly popular slide phone. At this point, we can see that the screen grows vertically when you hold the device by the edges and when it is closed, it takes up very little space.

When we look at the back of the device, there is a triple camera setup arranged horizontally in a rectangular module. Just below the cameras is an emblem in the form of ‘OPPO X TOM FORD‘ and below it is a small LED flash. At this point, it can be said that the leather covering and metal frame also look very nice in terms of design.

There is limited information about this smartphone, which is currently in the design phase. Therefore, it is not yet known whether it will enter production or when it will be introduced.