Patreon Pays No Commissions to Apple

Patreon Pays No Commissions to Apple

Patreon is a subscription platform for creators. Today, it turned out that this platform does not pay Apple a commission for the App Store. CEO Jack Conte stated that he had not signed a special contract to be exempt from 30% commission and explained the reason for the situation.

Patreon gives creators the chance to subscribe directly. This platform is also available on the App Store to serve millions of users. Being on the App Store means giving a certain share of apps to Apple. However, according to newly learned information, this does not apply to Patreon.

It turns out that Patreon does not pay Apple any commissions for in-app sales. Normally, apps give 30% of revenue from in-app sales to Apple as a commission. Patreon CEO Jack Conte explained in an interview that this share was not given and that no special agreement was made with Apple on this issue.

We do not have a specific contract not to pay commissions

Patreon CEO Jack Conte made the following statements about whether Patreon has an exemption from Apple regulations. “I wish we had some kind of exclusive contract with Apple. But we don’t. We have to comply with App Store regulations like everyone else.”

How about Patreon not paying commission? The following reasons are explained below. Patreon does not have a payment system linked to the App Store. Payment is made directly to Patreon via Patreon’s own payment system, with no additional intermediaries. So when you want to buy something in the application, an App Store window does not open.

This is because Patreon’s goal is to sell these anyway. Patreon is a platform that delivers users directly to content creators and enables them to subscribe. So these payments are the purpose of the platform. Patreon subscription payments work in the same way as paying directly in-app when shopping from shopping apps.

CEO Jack Conte says that many contracts of this type are made by other apps and not paying commissions is not unique to Patreon.

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