People Who Play Video Games Are Much Happier

People Who Play Video Games Are Much Happier

According to Oxford University Research, Gamers are Much Happier.

A study by the Oxford University Internet Institute focused on the “spiritual” aspect of gaming. As a result of the research, it was revealed that people who play games are happier than those who do not.

The game world has enjoyed great popularity and reputation in recent years. While the sales of new generation consoles are breaking records, cloud-based game services attract great attentionn as well and they show promise. Many people now see games as entertainment.

Oxford University‘s Internet Institute conducted a study focusing on two computer games. It was shared how long the players played the said games. After the data obtained as a result of the research conducted by the institute, a questionnaire about the health of the players was conducted. A total of 3,274 players aged 18 years participated in the study.

Regarding the research results, Professor Andrew Przybylski, who organized the research, said: “If you play one of the games we have examined for 4 hours a day and every day, you feel significantly happier than someone who does not play.”

Professor Andrew Przybylski invited other game manufacturers to share similar statistics for further research. “We need to work on more games and more players over time,” said the professor, adding that psychologists should be allowed to study all playgrounds in the world. “With this information, we can build a theory of bullying or learn how people make new friends,” Przybylski said.