Peridot is Coming as the New Pokémon-Go Like Game

Peridot is Coming as the New Pokémon-Go Like Game

After the huge success of Pokémon GO and the not so successful attempt with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; Niantic returns with a new different, but familiar project, Peridot.

Going into details, the new studio game for smartphones does not focus this time on “catch it all”. Instead, it invites players to nurture and nurture their own unique digital creatures, called Peridots, that “feel like they’re real.”

According to the official announcement, the Peridot of each user will be 100% unique and 100% his own, with a special appearance, personality, things he likes or dislikes, as well as special features. Players will raise Peridots from birth to adulthood and will be able to raise them along with other Peridots in nests, creating if they want many generations of virtual pets, leading to new discoveries.

Like Pokémon GO, it’s an augmented reality game. This way, players will be able to see the digital pet around them with AR technology, while also being able to recognize real-world aspects. Peridot is expected to be released for iOS and Android in April. It will initially be available only in selected countries.

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