PlayStation Plus Free Games Has Been Announced

PlayStation Plus Free Games Has Been Announced

Sony’s free games which are renewed every month have been announced for this month. The free games for December 2020 were announced and among them; Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena can be found. PlayStation Plus, Sony‘s monthly subscription system, offers free games every month and you get to keep the games as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus account. This month’s new games are published on the company’s blog.

The newly added games on the platform will be valid from December 1 to January 4. In addition, it can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, with the free weekend multiplayer event, some of the normally paid multiplayer modes will also be available to everyone.

Just Cause 4

In this game where Rico Rodriguez is the ambassador of South America, we enjoy an exotic map of 1024 square kilometers. It is also very enjoyable to explore this huge map. Apart from that, we joke as much as we can while destroying another dictator’s army in Just Cause 4. This game, which managed to get positive comments, is 45-55 GB in size.

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena is a shooting game full of fantastic heroes, each with separate missions, in which we fight in 3 on 3 teams. Sometimes we stretch the time, sometimes we use special items, but somehow we try to be the last player left in the game.

Worms Rumble

Our worms, who aim to eliminate each other with various methods and do not hesitate to use all kinds of weapons and all kinds of tactics, appear this time in a more realistic environment. Worms Rumble supports up to 32 players multiplayer and also has many features such as cross-platform play support, periodic events.