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Prices of 11th Generation Rocket Lake Processors Revealed

The price list for Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake processor series, which also is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, has emerged. In the listing made on a retail site, the prices of the models in the series were included though.

In fact, Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake desktop processor series is expected to meet with users in the coming days. However, prior to that, some retailers started to unofficially pre-order the new CPU family. US-based MilwaukeePC is also one of the stores that lists processors with pre-order prices.

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According to previous leaks, Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake series will be officially announced on March 16 and pre-orders will open on this date. Sales, on the other hand, will begin on March 30 as the day the reviews will be published. However, the listing on the MilwaukeePC reveals the prices of the models in the series before the official announcement.

List prices for 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors revealed:

Prices of 11th Generation Rocket Lake Processors Revealed

Before moving on to the prices of the processors, it should be noted that in the past, products were listed on such third-party sites with their prices before the official announcement, but these prices were greatly inflated compared to the official list price. The pre-order prices listed by MilwaukeePC are as follows:

  • Core i9-11900K – $ 599.99
  • 11900KF – $ 579.99
  • Core i9-11900 – $ 509.99
  • 11900F – $ 479.99
  • Core i7-11700K – $ 484.99
  • 11700KF – $ 454.99
  • Core i7-11700 – $ 389.99
  • i7-11700F – $ 359.99
  • Core i5-11600K – $ 309.99
  • 11600KF – $ 279.99
  • Core i5-11600 – $ 264.99
  • i5-11500 – $ 234.99
  • Core i5-11400 – $ 214.99
  • i5-11400F – $ 179.99

At this point, we see that the top model of the series, the Core i9-11900K, has a price of $ 599.99. For comparison, the previous generation Core i9-10900K was on sale for $ 499. This means that the Core i9-11900K, despite losing two cores, will be more expensive than its successor, but keep in mind that prices may vary.

On the other hand, when we look at the Core i7-11700K, which stands out in terms of price performance with its $ 484.99 tag, we see that the processor has a price tag of approximately 26% higher than the previous generation Core i7-10700K. The budget-friendly Core i5-11600K has a list price of $ 309.99.

Intel is expected to introduce the 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop CPU family in the coming weeks. We will be able to learn more details about the processors and their prices after this introduction.

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