Prime Video Package for Mobile Users

Prime Video Package for Mobile Users

Amazon is testing a new subscription package for those who only use the Prime Video service on the mobile app. Currently available only in India, the subscription package offers access to all Prime Video content at an affordable price.

Popular digital streaming platform Amazon has announced its new subscription package; “Prime Video Mobile Edition“, which is likely to attract more subscribers. This exclusive package, currently available only to Amazon users in India, offers an extremely affordable solution to those who use the digital streaming platform exclusively on their mobile devices.

Tthe subscription package, brought to life as a result of a partnership with Indian telecommunications company Airtel; enables users to access Prime Video content in SD (standard) quality for just 89 Indian rupees; or about $ 1.2, for 28 days only on their mobile device.

Amazon is Testing an Affordable Prime Video Package for Mobile Users

Since the package is developed in partnership with a telecommunications company, an additional 6 GB mobile data quota is offered for subscribers. There is also a second package that offers 1.5GB of quota per day for 299 Indian rupees per month. Although the subscription package is a very suitable tariff, especially for those who only use the subscription package on their mobile device, there is no information on whether the package will be available outside of India. Don’t forget to check our other news here.