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PUBG 11.1 Update Released

The new update for the battle royale-themed game; played by millions of people around the world has been released for all platforms. In the update, the PUBG 11.1 update; which includes innovations such as ranked season, emergency rescue balloon, has been published for all platforms.

In addition to the improvements made in the ranked season with the 11.1 patches of the game; some innovations arrived in the game. Several innovations such as emergency rescue balloons, mastery medals, and PUBG ID. The explanation and contents of the PUBG 11.1 patch are given below;

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PUBG Update 11.1 introduces Paramo; which is located in the mountainous regions of South America and has a 3×3 map feature. The update also highlights the start of a new ranked season; introduces new Emergency Gathering items, Expands the Mastery Medal system, and offers even more features.

New Ranked Season: An exciting and action-packed season awaits all players. Ranked Seasons will continue for a period of two months starting from Season 11; so these seasons will no longer work in parallel with Survivor Passes. In addition, regulations made regarding how the awards will be distributed.

PUBG 11.1 Update Released For All Platforms

Emergency Rescue Balloon: This feature will undoubtedly make many players happy. A new transport vehicle arrived in the game which allows players and their teams to quickly move from the battlefield to the next safe zone. Within the game, a plane will arrive to pick up the players within 60 seconds after the balloon inflates for full.

When the plane arrives, up to four players will board and move towards the center of the White Zone until they decide to parachute to the battlefield below. One of the most important details that players should pay attention to is the Emergency Rescue Balloon, a lootable item found only in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Mastery Medals: Now players’ achievements will be rewarded even better. Season 11 brings updates to the Mastery Medal system to improve the way players track and highlight key in-game achievements. There are now 10 new earnable medals through various battlefield achievements, such as the “So Close” medal; which is tied to combat situations, survival, and tough survival.

To win these medals, you have to wage a fierce battle. You can obtain Mastery Medals both in Regular and Ranked matches, but not in Arcade, Lab, or Special matches. Players should pay attention to these features.

PUBG ID: Competition in the game is increasing day by day. Regarding the Mastery Medal update, players will now be able to showcase the medals they have earned as part of the revamped PUBG ID. In addition to adding up to two medals, players can make additional moves to customize their PUBG ID via the Customization tab. Innovation continues in the game.

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