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PUBG: New State Pre-Registrations Break a Record

PUBG continues to break records in a different field every day. Krafton announced that the PUBG: New State pre-registrations, announced recently, surpassed five million players. Krafton also announced that they are very pleased with the number of players and mentioned that an alpha testing process will be made for PUBG: New State. Considering the popularity of the game, it is only logical to move forward with these new features.

PUBG: New State managed to attract the attention of the players. Optimized for the mobile experience, PUBG: New State will bring the complete battle royale experience directly to players. Millions of players are counting the days for this great adventure to begin. As more additions come, more action more intriguing things to do will be added. It is easy for players to learn the game, but it will be difficult and time-consuming to master the game. Players will experience the full combat experience.

5 Million Pre-Registrations For PUBG: New State

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In addition, thanks to the cutting-edge Global Illumination rendering technology, the game has graphics that push the boundaries of mobile games. Thus, players will be able to fully use realistic and state-of-the-art graphics. Unfortunately, more detailed graphics means more powerful hardware though.

Several brand new features will be added to the new game that will be released. With the new in-game weapon customization feature, players can make various weapons themselves by purchasing customization kits. These kits will enhance the weapons in various ways, such as performance improvements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher add-ons.

In the advancing and developing game world, such innovations have always been welcomed. In addition, players will be able to explore huge 8×8 open worlds using a variety of new tools.

PUBG: NEW STATE is set in the near 2051 and years to have passed since the original game. In this environment, players will enter a brand new battlefield called TROI where they will have the opportunity to discover how the universe evolved. Players will reinvent themselves in an evolving and renewed world. Finally, click here to read more game news.

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