PUBG Season 10 Released

PUBG Season 10 Released

PUBG‘s new season is out, and it arrived with the new map Haven and special AI attack power Pillar. An extremely small map, Haven will provide a lot of confrontation with its tall buildings. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, one of the most played survival games in the world, officially launched Season 10 for PC players. With the new season, the 1×1 map Haven, which is a first for PUBG, is now part of the game. Established in a much smaller area than other maps, Haven will offer players more combat opportunities in small areas thanks to its tall buildings.

The Haven, PUBG’s map built around a city of tall buildings, will cover 32 players in total. A lore story was shared for the new season with this new map. With the 10th season of PUBG, enemies with artificial intelligence known as “Pillar” come to the game. These special military forces will protect high-level loot on the map. These forces will also attack players trying to survive with high powered weapons, including a Tactical Truck equipped with high powered weapons. It should also be noted that the Pillar forces have a spotlight helicopter traveling with the spotlight to hunt survivors.

PUBG Survivor Pass Came With the New Season

PUBG's Season 10 Released With New Map Haven

With the new season of PUBG, players received various new features. One of them is the Emergency Parachute. Players can try to gain an advantage by strategically jumping off the tall buildings of Haven. With its 10th season, PUBG offered many new features to players, including a new map. Besides these features, Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has also arrived. With the Survivor Pass, which also includes the necessary apparatus to fight in the brutal streets of Haven, there are also new looks inspired by the story of the game’s lore and the new enemy. Let us remind you that the Survivor Pass has 100 levels in total. Season 10, which is currently active for PC, will be active tomorrow, December 17, for console players.