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Radical Decision From LG: webOS Can Now Be Used on Different Smart TVs

LG has decided to license the webOS operating system it offers to its smart TVs. This decision means that the company can use webOS in different brands from now on. In fact, the company has already made an agreement with several manufacturers. While currently having difficulties in the smartphone industry; South Korean technology giant LG, which has been doing very successful business in other sectors, has made a radical decision that will deeply affect the smart television industry. The company announced that the smart television operating system “webOS“, used by millions of users, will be released from LG. This announcement means that different brands can produce televisions using webOS in the near future.

Agreement With Some Companies

It does not go unnoticed that the latest statements made by LG come after the latest version of webOS; which has been almost completely renewed. Because the final interface approved by many consumers using LG branded smart televisions. According to the company; the fact that OS could bring a new breath to the television industry with its features was the biggest factor in making such a decision. LG believes this move will strengthen its position in the smart television industry.

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According to the statements made by LG, agreements were made with some companies within the scope of the licensing program offered for webOS. The company, apparently also mentioning these companies, states that these are RCA, Ayonz and Konka. Although LG‘s idea of licensing webOS is good, it seems that consumers who buy different brands of television will continue to use webOS 5 for a while. However, that doesn’t seem to mean anything to many users. Because webOS has already proven itself compared to other operating systems. As a result, users are already willing to use the webOS 5 version instead of the operating system of the brand they use.

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