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Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Video Released

A 5-minute gameplay video of Rainbow Six Parasite, the new game of Rainbow Six, which has been out of breath for a long time, has been released. The video, which was stated to be published illegally, clearly explained the new Rainbow Six universe.

The game, first named Rainbow Six Quarantine, then changed to Rainbow Six Parasite due to the coronavirus pandemic, was announced two years ago. It was stated that Ubisoft has been working on the game for a long time, but could not continue due to the pandemic. A video that came out today shows that the game is in its alpha stage.

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We see from the video that the CO-OP gameplay has been published. In the video that appeared on the DBL Online YouTube channel, the names of the actors were closed. This may indicate that the team who examined or tried the game under a “confidentiality agreement” in a closed alpha environment revealed this video recording.

Rainbow Six Parasite feels Dark and Chaotic

Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Video Released

Creatures that pop out from everywhere we are used to from Left 4 Dead and Doom also appear in Rainbow Six Parasite. You cannot rest even for a short while without firing in the game. Creatures being on the players’ wave after wave is again a very familiar mechanic. You may feel quite disappointed in the comments under this emerging video of Rainbow Six Parasite. Where we will fight the aliens invading the world.

The fact that the game takes place in a dark and gloomy environment does not change the “classic” gameplay. Obviously, as actors, it is certain that we now need creative scenarios. The game seemed a little ineffective at the moment. But we are very used to familiar game mechanics and war strategy. Of course, Rainbow Six fans may find the game quite successful after watching this video. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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