Rainbow Six: Siege Year 7 Season 2 Details Released

Rainbow Six: Siege Year 7 Season 2 Details Released

With Rainbow Six: Siege Year 7 Season 2; Operation Vector Glare; Belgian Operator, Close Contact Map and Practice Tools will be available in the game. Ubisoft shared new information about Rainbow Six: Siege 7th Year Season 2 details. With this new update from the Belgian operator, a close contact map and training tools will also be available. This season; Features the new Belgian operator Sens, the Deathmatch map, Stealth Mode, and; other updates, phase 1 of the new Reputation System includes a story change and more gameplay improvements.

As part of the Year 7 roadmap, phase 1 of the Reputation System is coming this season to continue to address player behavior improvements. In this update, Reverse Friendly Fire will be enabled by default for those who injure too many teammates.

Players will receive two warnings before the penalty becomes active. So, sanctions will expire after playing multiple matches and without hurting teammates. Another adjustment will focus on those who abuse the match cancellation system by giving players more control from the initial request to the cancellation of the match. Additionally, the “Privacy” options will now be available to all players in the “Options” menu.

Two Practice Tools Will be Added with the New Season

  • Shooting Range: A playable area to practice, train and experiment with weapon damage, attachments and recoils without the pressure of a match to find the best gear.
  • Operator Guide: Provides players with information such as tips about each operator, their unique abilities, devices, and attacking or defending strategies.

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