Raspberry Pi Announces ‘Pico’

Raspberry Pi Announces ‘Pico’

Raspberry Pi“, an association established years ago for students to learn the basics of computers and software; has witnessed very important developments over the years. Although within the borders of the United Kingdom people knew about it, the association; which is now well-known throughout the world, enabled the prototype production of projects produced for both hobby and professional purposes with the microcontrollers and mini computers it launched. Today, the company announced its newest product, Pico.

Raspberry Pi Pico has emerged as a remarkable product with its very compact structure. The card with “RP2040” chip on it has 264KB internal RAM and Arm Cortex-M0 + processor. Offering support for up to 16 MB of storage space, Raspberry Pi Pico focuses on consumers seeking hobby cards rather than advanced projects. The company states that people will be able to create infinite number of projects using this card.

Raspberry Pi Announces 'Pico'

According to the statements made by the Raspberry Pi, you can program the newest board of the association using C or MicroPython. Both software languages can allow an infinite number of projects to be designed, as the association has stated. However, if you have a very advanced project, this card will not work for you. Among the things you can do using Pico are projects such as projecting various data onto screens using sensors and programmed lighting systems.

According to the statements made by the foundation, the price of this product is only 4 dollars. You can also access connection diagrams and other important details about the product on the SAMM website. Don’t forget to check our other news here.