Razer Announces New Xbox GamePad Phantom Wolverine V2

Razer Announces New Xbox GamePad Phantom Wolverine V2

The Phantom Wolverine V2 controller designed for the new Xbox series is launched. Razer, one of the manufacturers of high-end gaming equipment, is specially designed the gamepad for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S game consoles.

The company used the Razer green color for the design. The controller, which uses black and Razer green, looks very stylish. This device is designed to offer even better game control.

The Phantom Wolverine V2 makes it easier for gamers to switch between buttons. In addition, its structure is designed from rubber. The device is designed in wired form, it is sufficient to make a soft touch to activate the trigger. It also uses Razer’s mechanical tactile action keys and arrow keys for a fast response.

There are also two buttons on the front of the handle that can be remapped by the user. The lower part of the handle also has two more buttons that can activate the “precision trigger” mode and shorten the keystroke of the two main trigger buttons. Also, the Phantom Wolverine V2 has a 3.5mm audio interface at the bottom of the game handle that can be connected directly to the headphones.

The device has a price tag of $ 136 and can be purchased online.

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