Razer Introduces Finger Covers For Mobile Gamers

Razer, which produces equipment for gamers, introduced new finger covers that will increase control over the touch screen. Targeting mobile gamers, the company brings useful features.

We know Razer for its high-quality gaming gear. The company released a new product that concerns the mobile gamers. This product will prevent sweaty hands from affecting your gaming experience. Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve, which aims to eliminate the problems of playing games on the phone, is on sale at a price of 10 dollars.

In the field of gaming equipment, Razer is among the most preferred brands in the world. In addition, the company attracted attention with its gaming mask. Now, Razer is again here for the players with a remarkable product.

Razer Introduces Finger Covers For Mobile Gamers

The full name of the product is Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve. The product offers enhanced targeting and control experience thanks to its high-precision silver fibers. When you buy the product, it comes in a single color and a pair. Razer’s iconic neon green is used over black.

The main focus of this product is the loss of control due to sweat on the fingers over time. The covers, produced from smooth high-precision fabric, will have a breathable structure of 0.8 mm and will eliminate oil traces and sweating problems. In addition, the company aims to increase the touch sensitivity by minimizing friction and to provide a smooth gaming experience for a long time.

Although Razer says that the product wont make your hands sweaty, it is a question mark in mind that; a device attached to the fingers will keep your fingers warmer. The new product, which is not given enough information by the company, can be obtained from the Razer Store for a low fee.

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