Realme DIZO’s First Products Revealed

Realme has become one of the technology companies that has released the most products and grown in recent years. The company recently announced a new sub-brand called “DIZO“. The applications made about the brand reveal what some of the products that will come with the DIZO label can be. We see that Realme will launch affordable products under the DIZO brand.

Chinese technology company Realme has recently announced a new brand it calls “DIZO“. Some information about this brand has shown us what will be the products with the DIZO label. We see that Realme will focus on cheaper and affordable products with its new brand.

Realme’s new DIZO branded products have emerged through patents received and online listings. The phones will receive FCC approval and the phones will appear with buttons and very classic designs. We think that these phones will not appeal to the general usage habits of the users.

DIZO Star 300 Phone


Another DIZO branded product will appear as wireless headphones. These products are GoPods D and GoPods. Probably DIZO branded wireless earbuds will be a rebranded version of the Buds Air 2 with the Realme Buds Q2. In addition, Realme Watch 2 will be presented to the consumer as DIZO Watch.

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