LG Q Series Rendered Images Shared

LG Q Series Rendered Images Shared

The rendered images of one of the 13 new Q series smartphones registered by LG were shared. The models render images are shared and is estimated to be either the LG Q63 or Q83. It is a fact that the South Korean technology company LG has been on the rise in the smartphone industry recently. According to the information we have obtained before, LG will introduce its new Q series smartphones in 2021.

Moreover, LG will add not just a few new smartphones to its Q series, but 13 of them will join the inventory. Among the smartphones that the company will present in its Q series, will also be Q63 and Q83. It is unknown what these models will look like. However, CAD rendered images of one of the phones emerged. The CAD render images shared by 91mobiles are predicted to be either LG Q63 or Q83. The shared images showed the phone from every angle. The phone resembles LG Velvet in many ways. But the camera setup of the smartphone was different.

Another View Of The LG Q Series

Rendered Images Of A Phone To Be Added By LG To Its Q Series Shared

LG‘s new Q series smartphone will have a triangular camera setup as can be seen in the pictures. There will be a fingerprint reader on the right side of the phone, and volume control and power keys on the left side. At the bottom of the phone will be a 3.5mm headphone jack, Type-C jack and a speaker. But, there will be no function at the top. It is currently unknown what kind of hardware or camera setup the phone will have and what kind of hardware or camera setup it will possess. However, new information about LG‘s new Q series phone and other phones may be shared in the coming days.