Resident Evil 4 VR – Official Mercenaries Mode Announcement Trailer

    The arcade-style mini-game The Mercenaries arrives in Resident Evil 4 VR in 2022.

    Join the army of Meta Quest 2 fans (Formerly known as Oculus Quest 2) and enjoy this VR masterpiece, now in different modes. The fan favorite Mercenaries mode is coming to Resident Evil 4 VR.

    According to an Oculus press statement, the fan-favorite mode will be available as a free update next year. Prior to the announcement, the RE4 VR was the only version of the game that did not include The Mercenaries.

    The Mercenaries is an arcade-style mini-game that first featured in Resident Evil 3, in which players compete for the highest score by killing as many opponents as possible before the timer runs out.

    We are looking forward to this mode. Join us for more gaming and tech news here!

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