ReVamp The New Snapchat Game

Games have been the biggest motivation for people due to the pandemic. Especially Among Us, which played to the tops all over the world last year, attracted everyone in terms of entertainment, although it was not good in terms of graphics. Today, the popular social media platform Snapchat announced that a game like Among Us will be added to the application soon. The game is called ReVamp.

Influencing almost everyone during the quarantine process in 2020, Among Us is a social inference game in its simplest form. In this production, the players are trying to complete the tasks as a group. Players include one or two Imposters. This number of Imposters becomes clear according to the number of players.

ReVamp, The New Snapchat Game

These killers are killing innocent players in an area that no one sees. Other people are trying to find the Imposter among them. Today, Snapchat announced that it will add a game like Among Us to the game section in its mobile application. ReVamp, is similar to Among Us in terms of gameplay and story, but it also brought minor differences.

Unlike Among Us, there will be a maximum of six people in the game; where the Vampire is sought, not the murderer. In Among Us, that number was ten. While the five people in the game are doing the tasks around; the sixth person who is a vampire will try to kill one of them. ReVamp, which will be developed by Zynga, will be the third game that the company will publish on Snapchat. Finally, it is not known when ReVamp will be available for use. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news from here.

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