RTX and DLSS Video For Atomic Heart

RTX and DLSS Video For Atomic Heart

A video that touches on RTX and DLSS features has been released for the Atomic Heart. The game attracts attention with its graphics as well as its atmosphere.
For the game, the production team started to accelerate promotions.

A video focused on the technical details of the game, is published. A promotional video showing technologies such as Ray Tracing and DLSS has been released for Atomic Heart, which will also be released on new generation consoles besides PC.

Atomic Heart | EXCLUSIVE GeForce RTX PC Game Reveal

When we take a look at the gameplay video of Atomic Heart developed by the Mundfish Team, we first see our character in front of a mirror. Here, both our character and other parts of the room are clearly visible in the mirror. When we consider the theme of the game, it seems that we will often encounter dancing lights.

After this short video sequence, we see that again, short gameplay images are included. Inspired by Bioshock Games with its atmosphere, the Atomic Heart will also have close combat dynamics.

In the game, we will be managing a special agent codenamed P-3. Set out by the government to investigate a secret facility upon the loss of communication, the P-3 will try to find out what went wrong with this secret attempt. Finally, click here to read more game news.