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Samsung Announces 50MP Resolution Camera Module Named ‘Isocell GN2’

Samsung announced the next generation camera module called “Isocell GN2“. Isocell GN2, an advanced version of Isocell GN1, announced last year and used for the first time by Vivo, offers much higher quality and better performance. South Korean technology giant Samsung announced the newest camera module at an event it organized. This camera module, named “Isocell GN2“, will offer users 50 MP resolution. The new device will give life to camera phones and contains significant improvements compared to Isocell GN1, which also offers 50 MP resolution. So what does Samsung‘s newest camera module offer to users?

Samsung Isocell GN2 has a larger sensor compared to GN1. The module is the same size as the IMX363 sensor. Google actually prefers it in Pixel branded phones and has increased the pixel size to 1.4 microns. The GN2 module performs much better, especially in scenarios such as sunset. In addition, users will be able to benefit from the blessings of four-in-one pixel technology on phones using this module.

Smart ISO Pro Technology to Determine the Best ISO Value for Different Scenes

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According to the statements by Samsung, Isocell GN2 has more features than these. The company says the progressive HDR functionality not available in Isocell GN1 is included in the new module. Many users will appreciate this technology as it offers 24 percent lower power consumption compared to traditional HDR technologies. In addition, Isocell GN2‘s Smart ISO Pro technology automatically chooses the best possible ISO for a scene.

Samsung’s new camera module, which offers 50 MP resolution, can shoot 4K 120 fps network video shots or FHD video at 480 fps. In addition, 24 fps shots at 8K resolution are also made possible with this camera module. It is not known which phone will be the first to use the camera sensors, which are currently in mass production. However, if we do not ignore that Vivo made this choice in Isocell GN1, it looks like we could see a similar move this year.

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