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Samsung Announces 512 GB DDR5 RAM

Samsung announced a new DDR5 structured and 512 GB RAM model. This RAM will offer twice the performance of DDR4 RAMs. In addition, this RAM will be used in computers that do very heavy operations rather than daily users. Samsung has not announced the price and official release date for this RAM.

South Korean technology giant Samsung continues its work in parallel with the new generation technologies of Intel and AMD. Samsung announced a new DDR5-based RAM model. This RAM will be twice as fast as DDR4 based models. In addition, this RAM offers 7.200 Mbps data transfer, enabling applications that force computers to run much more efficiently. The product with a capacity of 512 GB is not suitable for daily users.

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A statement was made by Samsung. Young-Soo Sohn stated that the new RAM model is suitable for medical research, autonomous driving systems. Apart from these, it was stated that it is suitable for computers used in applications requiring high processing power such as smart city projects and financial markets. Saying that this power should not scare consumers, Sohn states that the power consumption of DDR5 RAM has maximum efficiency.

Introducing Samsung’s 512GB DDR5 RAM


In fact, there are already DDR5 RAM models available for purchase. However, there is one feature that sets Samsung’s new RAM apart from the others. This feature is that the RAM in question was produced with “HKMG” process technology. Samsung says this is a world first among 512GB DDR5 RAMs.

What does HKMG process technology mean?

HKMG technology has been used in the hardware industry for a long time. For example, Intel has been adopting this technology since 2007. Samsung has previously adopted this technology in DDR6 memory. The transistors used within the scope of this technology, in particular, prevented back door leaks. However, the smaller and smaller hardware products made it difficult to use this technology.

On the other hand, Samsung replaced the insulators used in the components it produced with HKMG materials. In this way, while providing DDR5 performance, energy consumption was reduced by 13 percent.

In the statements made by Samsung, the release date and price of the new generation RAMs were not mentioned.

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