Samsung Announces Home Robot Bot Handy

Samsung Announces Home Robot Bot Handy

South Korea-based giant technology company Samsung introduced the home robot Bot Handy; which has a somewhat spooky look, at CES 2021. Working with artificial intelligence technology, this robot can fold the laundry at home; place the dishes in the machine and even pour you a glass of wine.

At CES 2021, Samsung introduced a new robot called Bot Handy that can make things easier for people at home. This robot, which has a somewhat eerie appearance; can empty the dishwasher and even refresh your wine glass while you stretch your feet and watch your television.

Stating that Bot Handy is still under development; the company did not provide any details about the robot’s release date and sales price. This robot, which is based on artificial intelligence technology; can start navigating our homes as if it was straight out of the Wall-E movie when it is released.

Thanks to the camera on it, Bot Handy not only recognizes objects of different sizes and shapes, but also can adjust how much force it will apply to each of them while moving the objects thanks to its artificial intelligence. While handcuff-like hands make it easy for the Bot Handy to grasp objects, its body structure allows it to easily reach objects at a height by extending its height.

Samsung Research President Sebastian Seung said the following for Bot Handy; “Bot Handy will be your right hand in the kitchen, in the living room and wherever you may need it.”

Bot Handy, which has a design that resembles a broomstick, has a slightly eerie look with its digital eyes with changeable expressions. No matter how creepy it may seem, the possibility of having a robotic assistant who can fold people’s clothes and do the dishes sounds very nice.