Samsung Announces M5 and M7 Smart Monitors

Samsung Announces M5 and M7 Smart Monitors

Samsung announced their new monitors at an event it organized. These monitors, named ‘M5‘ and ‘M7‘, have the same technologies as Samsung’s smart televisions. The monitors will be available soon.

South Korean tech firm Samsung has announced three new monitors in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes. The “M5” (available in two variants) and the “M7” monitors are much more advanced than the monitors currently on the market. For these products, we can easily use the expression “monitor like televisions”.

Samsung’s new monitor models run on the operating system called TizenOS, just like Samsung’s smart TVs. This operating system allows you to download more applications from the application stores. Applications such as Netflix, YouTube and AppleTV can be installed in the monitors, if desired. The monitor provides this process with its Wi-Fi support.

Samsung offers all the features of its smart televisions in its new monitors. Additionally, the Samsung DeX feature will be available on these monitors. In addition, these monitors, which support Bluetooth 4.2, can be used with a keyboard and mouse connection.

The M5, one of Samsung’s new monitors, can be purchased in 27-inch or 32-inch sizes. The 32-inch M7 offers 4K resolution support. In addition, there are 2 HDMI inputs, one USB Type-C, and Display Port inputs on both monitors. There are two USB Type-A ports on the M5 and three on the M7.

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