Samsung Galaxy S21 Has a Serious Design Flaw

Samsung Galaxy S21 Has a Serious Design Flaw

Samsung Galaxy S21 models received mostly positive comments about the design with its high screen/body ratio, interesting color options and aluminum-glass body. However, the Galaxy S21 also has a major design flaw that at one point set the stage for user error.

Samsung’s new flagship smartphones Galaxy S21 family were officially announced at the launch event held last week. Although post-launch discussions generally focus on the prices and box contents of the devices, it is possible to say that the Galaxy S21 family has a design flaw that poses a risk to users.

Samsung made a significant change in the SIM card tray location with the Galaxy S21 family. As a result of this change, the SIM tray has been placed in the lower part of the device, which once housed the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, this change, which seems extremely simple, has the potential to bring about an important problem.

SIM hole and microphone hole almost side by side on Samsung Galaxy S21 models

As you know, to remove a SIM tray, it is necessary to insert the SIM pin into the hole on it and push it. The problem is; As you can see in the photo above, the SIM tray is located right next to the microphone hole in the Galaxy S21 family. Therefore, a user experiencing a momentary distraction can insert the SIM pin into the microphone hole; instead of the SIM tray hole and may be on the way to the service due to microphone failure.

Samsung warns users about microphone hole on Galaxy S21 in-box labels

As a matter of fact, Samsung has predicted this possibility of “absent-mindedness”. Because when the Galaxy S21 models came out of the box; there are warning icons for the SIM tray and the microphone hole to be inserted into the right hole. Of course, this minor design flaw does not have the potential to affect the user experience. However, it will not be a surprise that we will encounter Galaxy S21 users; who have inserted the SIM pin into the microphone hole in the following days.