Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Will Support 30W Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Will Support 30W Fast Charging

A new information has emerged about Samsung‘s flagship Galaxy S21 series, which will be released next year. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will offer 30 W fast charging support. Reports state that the company’s phone will not use a charger or with a 25W charging adapter. South Korea-based smartphone giant Samsung is planning on introducing the Galaxy S21 family, which is the continuation of the flagship smartphone series, next year. New information about the smartphone series, which will emerge in January 2021, continues to emerge. Introductory videos of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series were also leaked.

Will Support 30W Charging Adapters

Today, a brand new rumor has been raised about the Samsung Galaxy S21. In recent reports, there were claims that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series would be sold without a charger in some markets. Some reports claimed that the device would be available with a 25 W charging adapter. In the latest report that emerged today, it was revealed that the device would support adapters with faster charging capacity.

It turns out, the Galaxy S21 family will support 30 W fast charging adapters. According to reports, when Samsung launches the device, it will contain an original charging cable in the box. However, the company will not put any adapters in the box. The South Korean company is instead, planning on making charging adapters cheaper and leave the choice to the user.

There will be users who want to use a 25 W fast charge adapter as standard or a 30 W fast charge adapter for faster charging performance. In such a case, they will have to buy these charging adapters separately from the smartphone. So if Samsung starts selling charging adapters cheaper, this will be the reason. Samsung, which does not put the charger in the box, will lower the fee for users to be comfortable.