Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Design Announced!

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Design Announced!

Samsung has been working on the Galaxy Smart Tag for a long time and today the design of this new product has been revealed. So what will the Galaxy Smart Tag look like?

As it is known, Apple’s tracking device named Airtag, has been on the agenda for a while. Airtag was expected to be announced in 2020, but due to some problems, its announcement was delayed to 2021. After this delay, Samsung started working on a device similar to Airtag. The company’s new product will be called Galaxy Smart Tag. It has appeared in certification bodies for a short time. The design of the product will be announced with the Galaxy S21 family.

According to the images, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag will have two different color options. The images in the codes of the application named Samsung SmartThings show that the device has soft lines. The product will have a rectangular design and there will be a hole on the top that allows an item to be tied with a rope.

According to the information about Samsung’s new lost item finder, the product will have Bluetooth 5.1 support. The device will have technologies such as NFC and UWB, thus enabling precise location determination.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag will be sold at an affordable price

As a matter of fact, it is among the information that Samsung‘s new product will have an affordable price. According to the information revealed, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag will be priced at 15 euros though. In fact, Samsung is expected to convey all the features related to the product at the Galaxy S21 family promotional event.