Samsung Introduced Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Introduced Galaxy SmartTag

It introduced the Galaxy SmartTag, a new smart search tool, at Samsung‘s Galaxy Unpacked event. This small device will allow you to keep track of just about anything. Have you ever thought “I wish I could find the keys by ringing like a phone” when you lost your keys? Although not that practical, the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will provide great comfort in this sense.

Technically, when you attach this small device to something or a living thing that you fear will be lost, you will be able to locate that thing on the internet. The device, which will be released for $ 29.99, will be on sale this month. In addition, the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra were introduced at the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2021. Technically, this small device will have a Bluetooth tracking system. Thus, it will be possible to use this device to track your smartphone, keys or anything else. The base model will have a Bluetooth 5.0 LE module. Thus, it will be possible to send a signal to the device and locate it with a single button. Galaxy SmartTag + will be able to provide more precise location information with ultra-wide bandwidth. The future Plus version will also support 3D location search thanks to augmented reality.

280 days battery life

Samsung has also released an application with this device. The application called Galaxy Find Network can be used on other Samsung devices. This feature is expected to support other Android devices in the future. Also, if you lose something with a SmartTag on it, other Samsung users will be able to search for it with you. The dimensions of the Galaxy SmartTags are determined as 4×4 cm and the thickness is 1 centimeter. Plastic-coated labels also have IP53 certification.

Available in white, light brown, and black, the labels are powered by the CR2032 battery. It is possible to use the label for 280 days with a single battery. All Galaxy smartphones using Android 8 or higher allow the use of Galaxy SmartTag. Single or multiple Samsung SmartTag models will go on sale on January 29 and the unit price will be $ 29.99. In addition, a SmartTag will be gifted to each Galaxy S21 pre-order.