Samsung’s New Foldable Smartphone Concept

We can say that Samsung dominates the foldable smartphone market; with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip models that it has launched. However, Samsung may come up with a third foldable phone form in the near future.

Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone design that can be folded on both sides. Moreover, Samsung‘s new foldable smartphone also has the S-Pen.

The patent images released by LetsGo Digital, dated April 2021, show that Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone form that can be folded from two different hinges in addition to the form factor that can be folded over a single hinge.

Samsung‘s main goal here may be to eliminate the ‘second screen‘ so that it can be used as a second screen at the same time. Because, although Samsung has saved the cost by removing the second screen on the cover of the device; the second hinge mechanism and a screen that supports folding from two separate points may bring higher costs.

One of Samsung‘s most innovative solutions in this foldable smartphone design is the S-Pen. Samsung‘s popular touchscreen-supported smart pen is placed in a gap in the frame of the device in the Galaxy Note series, while the screen in the Galaxy Z Fold Tab can stand between the two-fold compartment when the screen is folded.

Probably, there will be a magnetic mechanism in the frame of the device that will prevent the S-Pen from falling. Nevertheless, let us remind you that the visuals in question consist of patents and concepts; so it is not certain that they will be released to the market.

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