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Abandoned Decaying Sega Gaming Cabinet Found

Japanese game giant Sega managed to impress gamers with the R360, the arcade cabin it launched in the 1990s. This magnificent game “console” has managed to become one of Sega‘s most iconic gaming devices, despite only supporting 2 games and only 200 units produced.

Launched in 1994 with the combat and flight simulation G-LOC: Air Battle, released in 1990, Wing War was the Sega R360‘s extensive (!) Game library. As you can imagine, the R360’s functionality did not last long, and almost all of the units that have survived to this day are found in collectors or arcades.

Sega Gaming Cabinet Found Abandoned in Decay
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One of the Sega R360s that managed to arrive safely (!) Until today is in ruins on a farm in Northern Ireland. The R360, which has been in open space and under sunlight for a long time, has been rusted and deformed to a great extent, and must undergo a solid restoration in order to become a collectible product.

Lee Peters, a member of a Facebook group belonging to Sega R360 fans, stated that he first saw the R360, whose photos you saw above, in 2020 and recently visited it again to take pictures. Once upon a time, the Sega R360 was the favorite game console of the game room it was in. Now, left to rot on a farm. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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