Serious Sam 4: Update 1.07

Serious Sam 4: Update 1.07

Croteam has released a new update for Serious Sam 4. Looking at the release notes; update 1.07 brings a Christmas event and Survival mode. But, the Christmas event is only available to Steam players. In fact, players will find a lone tree in Death from Above and decorate it. Gamers will travel to a Wonderland infested by aliens. In addition, the Survival mode, which will come to the game, includes three maps that can be played in single player and co-op mode.

The Update Will Start Automatically

The 1.07 update will also come with some performance and stability improvements in all graphics APIs. The new update improves support, performance and stability for NVIDIA‘s 3000 series graphics cards. The next time you start the Steam client, the 1.07 update of the game will automatically start downloading to your computer.

Serious Sam 4: Update 1.07 Released!

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Serious Sam 4 Update 1.07 Release Notes. First of all, 2020 is coming to an end and this year has felt like survival for most of us. In fact, Serious Sam 4 now has a new Survival mode covering three maps, playable in single player and co-op mode. Go and survive. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a symbolic in-game event exclusive to Steam.

Find a lonely tree in Death from Above, decorate it, and enjoy an alien-infested Wonderland trip. Take your gifts, but be careful. Some may have worse things than a piece of coal. Another update in Serious Sam 4, Santa Sam is coming to town and bringing weapons.

Serious Sam 4: Update 1.07 Released!

Let’s talk about the Performance and Stability of the game. First, there is improved stability and performance in graphics APIs. In addition, support, performance and stability for NVIDIA‘s 3000 series GPUs have been improved. Fixed a bug that caused significant frame drops during the Breakfast in France side quest.

Gameplay Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused the player to be unfairly teleported from the map in the Vatican. Minor enemies can be re-compacted with non-piercing weapons.

Visual Corrections

In most scenes, work was done to make the scenes brighter and more bizarre. In Addition, Visibility for Reptiller has been improved. It can now be seen more easily. Formatting has been improved for subtitles in different languages. Lastly, Netricsa and skill point notifications no longer overlap.