Sharkmob Announced A New Battle Royale Game

Sharkmob Announced A New Battle Royale Game

An unexpected Battle Royale game was announced by the company Sharkmob. According to the announcement video, the game will take place in the Vampire The Masquerade universe. The promotional video was released, but the name of the game has not been announced yet.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 was announced awhile ago, but it seems that it is still under development. After recent announcements, the game was postponed to 2021. While Paradox continues to work on this game, the Battle Royale game will be developed by a different company called Sharkmob.

Sharkmob A New Battle Royale Game

Sharkmob studio is actually a newly established studio. It was founded in 2017. Even though the company is fairly new, it seems like they have a strong team which includes people who previously took part in games such as Tom Clancy’s Division and Hitman. Although the company was established in 2017, they will be releasing their first game in 2021. The company has 3 projects in total so far. Other 2 different projects that have not been announced yet and are still under development.

Based on the video, this battle arena type of game will introduce battle mechanics between vampires. According to the video, towards the end, a templar in full plate armor can also be seen. Raises the question of maybe including teams for the choosing but it will not be clear until we have more details.