Silent Hills Game is Being Edited For PS5

Silent Hills Game is Being Edited For PS5

Hideo Kojima is re-editing the canceled Silent Hills game for PS5. News that will delight those who love horror games. Two different claims have been made about Silent Hills, one of the popular brands of horror games. Moreover, one of them is about Hideo Kojima’s canceled game.

According to a new claim, Hideo Kojima, one of the best-known names in the game world, is working on the Silent Hills game, which will be released for PlayStation 5 with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Konami. Those who follow the game world closely will remember that Kojima, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Konami, and Silent Hills have been side by side before. Kojima released the demo for the new Silent Hills game, P.T before leaving Konami, but the game never saw its full version.

There are two different rumors about Silent Hill / Silent Hills that will delight horror game fans. The first is that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, or Team Siren, is working on a Silent Hill reboot with the game’s original creators. The second is about Kojima and Konami getting together to revive the previously canceled Silent Hills.

The common point of these two rumors is that the games will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. For now, there is no exact information about whether these two games are a joint project or different projects. However, the possibility of being different projects is quite high.

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