Facebook Employees Evaluate Facebook’s Critique of Apple’s New Feature As “Hypocritical”

Facebook Employees Evaluate Facebook’s Critique of Apple’s New Feature As “Hypocritical”

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Feature will be available to users in 2021. However, there are also application developers who are not happy with this feature. One of them is Facebook. The new feature that Apple will offer to its users will offer its users a transparency too. The new feature will enable users to see information such as what data is being collected and shared, and to choose whether to allow it or not.

Once this feature is available, users will see a notification on applications they open for the first time. In this notification, the apps will ask for their consent on whether users will allow their data to be tracked or not. Apple said that applications that do not comply with its rules on this subject will be asked for an account and will be removed from the App Store.

Some Facebook Employees Evaluate Facebook's Critique of Apple's New Feature As "Hypocritical"

More control over ads

Facebook, not satisfied with the new rules of Apple; said that this feature will negatively affect small businesses. The social media giant stated that many small businesses rely on their ads to gain new customers and create employment. Of course, Facebook also derives its revenue from targeted ads shown according to user data. Apple also responded to these criticisms of Facebook. The company stated that ads will still be effective and active on Facebook; but with the new feature, users will have more control over the sharing of their personal data.

Facebook held a meeting about how Apple‘s new feature will affect business on Facebook and asked what their employees think about the subject. According to the revealed information, some Facebook employees stated that businesses which are in a difficult situation due to the epidemic will get worse; while many employees said that Facebook was hypocritical in this regard and are using small businesses as a shield. Don’t forget to check our other news here.