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Sony Announces Japan Studio Is In Reorganization Process

Recently, there have been allegations that Japan-based technology giant Sony closed its most established in-house developer, Sony Japan Studio. Making a statement after many rumors and reports, the company stated that Japan Studio; the oldest and longest operating in-house game developer, is in the process of reorganization.

Sony stated that Japan Studio will focus on Team Asobi, the creative team behind Astro‘s Playroom; to strengthen business operations from April 1. In this way, it is aimed to focus the team on a single vision; and to increase the popularity of Astro‘s Playroom.

Founded in 1993, Japan Studio was the key developer behind the launch of the original PlayStation console and its first games. The developer studio produced many games such as Ape Escape, Patapon, Knack, and LocoRoco. They also helped other Sony studios in the development of games such as; Gravity Rush, The Last Guardian, and Demon’s Soul remake.

Although the Japan Studio has made many unique productions so far, it is known that it has not yielded any profit in recent years. It can be said that this is the main reason for the company to go through the reorganization process. Also, the fact that the team will now focus on Team Asobi, the developer of Astro’s Playroom, means more Astro games will be released in the future. We will see together what kind of works the studio will undertake in the coming days. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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