Sony Announces Transition Into The Drone Market With Its Airpeak Project

Sony Announces Transition Into The Drone Market With Its Airpeak Project

Japan-based technology giant Sony announced that it has launched a new project called Airpeak. The company aims to transfer their success of photography and videography industry into drones. According to Sony‘s statements, the first products of the Airpeak project will be launched in 2021. This project, called “Airpeak“, represents artificial intelligence powered drones and the company’s introduction to remote sensing systems. Considering Sony‘s success in the photography industry, this new product may be one of the brands that shape the future of the drone industry.

However, according to the statements made by Sony, Airpeak will enable drone technologies with imaging and detection technologies to go much further. In fact, according to Sony, this progress will be at an unprecedented level. With this announcement, Sony‘s followers tremendously excited about the news. However, the company did not reveal any secrets regarding the progress of the project. Moreover, what the tech company can do with Airpeak is currently unknown.

Sony Announces That It Will Enter The Drone Industry With Its Airpeak Project
Sony Airpeak Project

Sony has created a website dedicated for their transition into the drone industry. Thus, According to the information on this website, Sony will launch the drones to be produced as part of the Airpeak project in the spring of 2021. Sony fans are looking forward to the drone’s release date. Based on this announcement, we can assume detailed news regarding Sony‘s new products in the coming months.

The company has taken action to transfer its experience in this field to drones and wants to enter the entertainment industry swiftly. However, Sony seems to continue to impress millions with this project.

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