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Sony Plans to Make a Major Design Change on PlayStation 5

New rumors started to emerge about PlayStation 5. According to new rumors, Sony is considering “revamping” the design of the PlayStation 5. So what will change in this new design? One of the known changes is that the 5 nm CPU of the PS5 will be replaced by the 6 nm CPU. Currently, there is no detailed information about the impact of this innovation on PS5. However, there is a possibility of a performance loss in the device, even if it is small.

Due to COVID-19, people had to be at their homes. PlayStation 5 became the best game console of all time, with the effect of people closing to homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, as a result of increased demand, Sony was unable to increase its PlayStation 5 production to the extent to respond to demand. The shortage of microchips, which is the biggest factor in production, makes this impossible to happen.

Sony Plans to Make a Major Design Change on PlayStation 5
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On the other hand, some information was conveyed by Digitimes. According to the information provided, Sony plans to make a significant design change in PlayStation 5. According to the news Digitimes based on industry sources, Sony informed all of its suppliers, including TSMC, that the renewed design of the PlayStation 5 will start production in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2022.

Why is Sony Changing The Design of PlayStation 5?

The answer to this question, according to Dr. Serkan Toto, Kantan Games CEO, is cost. Dr. Toto states that Sony will replace these processors with AMD‘s new 6 nm semi-customized CPUs, as the 5 nm CPUs currently powering the PS5 are too costly.

Sony Plans to Make a Major Design Change on PlayStation 5

Therefore, the “design” change of PlayStation 5 will be in the components rather than the external appearance of the device. So how will this change affect the performance of PlayStation 5? To be honest, this question is really hard to answer. Probably Sony will not dare to lower the performance of the PlayStation 5, which is likely to be the best selling game console in history, just to increase profits.

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