Sony’s New Headphones WF-100MX4 Teaser Video Leaked

Sony‘s new Bluetooth headphones WF-100MX4 have not been officially launched yet. But the promotional video of the headphones was leaked on Reddit. The headset, which is obvious to have two different color options, has many features such as voice assistant and wireless charging. These technologies these days are a must for new headphones.

Sony is preparing to launch its new Bluetooth in-ear headphones called WF-100XM4 in the near future. While information such as the launch date and price of the new headphones have not been officially announced, the promotional video of the headset was leaked on Reddit.

According to the leaked video, the new headphones come with IPX4 waterproof certification. In addition, the device has many features such as noise cancellation with voice assistant. Sony has not made a statement about the official launch date of the new headset with the V1 processor, although the video is now in the hands of users.

Leaked Trailer On Reddit:

As you can see from the video we shared above, the WF-100XM4 headphones are expected to have two different color options, black and white. Bluetooth headphones have features such as strong active noise canceling, dual feedback noise reduction. At the same time, it offers its users access to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant thanks to the voice assistant.

The WF-100XM4 Bluetooth headphones offer up to 8 hours of use on a full charge. It is not yet known when and with what price tag the headphones, which offer both USB-C connection and wireless charging, will be released. However, many experts on this subject state that the WF-100XM4 will have a similar price to Sony‘s previous headphones.

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