Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts 4

Developer Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link in a video. Kingdom Hearts 4, which came as a surprise, is finally in development. The Kingdom Hearts series celebrates its 20th anniversary this year; and has become one of the iconic games. The game, which came out on the Playstation 2 platform, continued to develop itself over the years and continued to be published successfully until today.

Square Enix, organizing a special event for the 20th anniversary of the series, announced Kingdom Hearts 4; and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link games. The platform and release date has not been announced for Kingdom Hearts 4; but according to the announcement, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will come out for IOS and Android platforms.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Has Been Announced

So, in the video, there is a scene of a huge Heartless attacking this new world called Quadratum. The video of the game, which attracts attention with its successful graphics and dynamics; has won the appreciation of the players. At the end of the video, Donald and Goofy, who are obviously looking for Sora, encounter a mysterious character who says “Where do you think you are going“.

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