Starfield: Bethesda’s Apology To PlayStation 5 Owners

Bethesda has officially announced the release date of Starfield for E3 2021. The game will be the first original RPG game to be released in the last 25 years. Although the game, which is described as ‘Skyrim in Space’, managed to create excitement in gamers. This excitement left its place in anger with the statement that the Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players.

Although Microsoft has released extremely powerful game consoles along with the Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5 seems to be ahead in the next-generation console wars, at least so far. For this reason, the fact that the game, which is curious and thought to be successful like Starfield, will not be offered to PlayStation 5 players has brought some reactions.

Starfield: Bethesda's Apology To PlayStation 5 Owners

Pete Hines, the head of Bethesda‘s marketing department, expressed in an interview he gave recently that he understood the disappointment of PlayStation owners; He apologized for the Starfield being ‘Xbox exclusive‘.

About Starfield Hines said; “I understand that if you are a fan of what we do. And a game you make is no longer available on your platform. You may be unhappy and angry”. “I don’t know how to address PlayStation 5 fans’ reservations other than saying. ‘I’m a PlayStation 5 gamer too’. I’m sorry, all I can really say is I’m sorry. Because I’m sure this pisses people off but there’s nothing I can do about it”. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news about news games here.

Starfield Trailer

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