Starfield Will Have the Largest City Ever

Starfield Will Have the Largest City Ever

One of the most impressive statistics of Bethesda ‘s ambitious Starfield is that it will have 1000 planets to explore; with the team reassuring players at the same time, emphasizing that the game has more handmade content than any of its other RPGs. As it turns out; Starfield will surpass Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout in terms of their cities as well.

Yes, Oblivion’s Imperial City, Skyrim’s Solitude and Fallout 4 Diamond City should step aside; as we now officially know that New Atlantis will raise the bar, being the largest city we have ever explored in a game of Bethesda.

Though from the 30 to 40 hours that the main campaign of the game lasts; players will definitely spend several of them in New Atlantis. As a matter of fact, being the capital of the United Colonial faction, it seems that this city will be the starting point of the main quest.

So, Starfield is being developed exclusively for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for consoles; as well as for PCs. The title is expected to make its debut in 2023; and it also will be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service from day one. Unfortunately, the final release date has not been confirmed yet. For more gaming news, click here!

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