Steam Deck UI Leaked

One of the last things that will get gamers excited with its release this year will be the Steam Deck. We have already learned the hardware features of the console, the release date, and which games it will support. However, there is something else that we are really curious about: the interface of the device.

Some leaked images have emerged from the new version of Valve‘s Linux-based operating system SteamOS. The new console will use the operating system. These images also explained what the interface of the Steam Deck, will look like. It is clearly seen in the images that the design is faithful to the theme used in the Steam desktop application.

SteamOS 3 UI

Steam Deck UI Leaked 1

SteamOS, which Valve also uses on the Steam Machine console, first appeared in 2013. The company had never been able to create the echo it aimed for, neither with its operating system nor with its console. However, it seems that a large player base is currently eagerly awaiting the Steam Deck. The leaks of the new version of SteamOS reveal the interface landscape we will see when using this console.

Steam Deck UI Leaked 2

The user interface photos of the upcoming version of SteamOS 3 were shared on Twitter by Pavel Djundik. As you can see in the photos, no changes have been made to the theme-related items such as color. Although there are minor changes in the buttons and the boxes with the texts; the new version of the system does not offer much visual innovation. However, we think that it can be much further than the 2nd version in areas such as ease of use and accuracy.

Steam Deck UI Leaked

Although not many changes are noticeable, Steam’s unique interface has been successfully adapted to the Steam Deck. We already know that this system will be used on the device. In fact, SteamOS 3 can be used on different devices such as PC and Steam Machine, as in previous versions. Steam Deck is expected to launch in December, but most people will be able to arrive on the device in the first quarter of 2022. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news from here.

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