Steam Has Made a Small but Significant Change for Free Games

Steam Has Made a Small but Significant Change for Free Games

Through an update that has now become widely available, Steam has fixed a rather irritating aspect of the user experience that many users of the platform have complained about in the past.

Going into details, the change concerns the free games and in particular the way of obtaining them. In particular, until now, in order to get a free game, one had to press the ‘Play Game’ button on Steam and necessarily start the installation process. Now Valve has decided to change that and make users’ lives a little easier, with a small but handy addition.

More specifically, Steam has now added an ‘Add to Library’ button to all free to play games , free DLC items or games that are temporarily free as part of a promotion . This does exactly what it promises, which is to put the game or DLC in your digital library, without having to start the time-consuming installation process, which slows down your computer by starting to calculate how much space is available on your disks.

That way, to get a free game right now, just hit that new blue button and the title will be yours forever. For more gaming news, click here!

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