Steam Won’t Allow Cryptocurrency and NFT

Valve has made a decision for their game distribution platform, Steam. The company decided to ban the games that use blockchain technology or allow players to trade NFT and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies or the financial sector. Systems using blockchain technology seriously affect the computers currently used. NFTs built on this technology have started to affect the digital works industry, especially the art industry.

NFT literally means non-tradable token. The word token describes unique and unchangeable packets of data stored in a digital ledger. NFTs represent unique digital assets. While NFT has reached usable acceptance in digital games, a decision came from Steam.

No Games Allowing NFT or Cryptocurrency Trading


Valve, the company of Steam, the world’s largest digital game distribution platform, made an addition to the rules set. These rules are for developer companies who will publish games on the store. It will attract the reaction of those who are in the crypto money industry. The company also added a new item to the list of what the companies are not allow to share on Steam. According to the article, the games that allow NFT and cryptocurrency trading using blockchain technology, will not be a part of the platform anymore.

Twitter user SpacePirate said that the game they developed is no longer available on Steam. However, responding to Valve’s Steam move, Epic Games announced that they will allow games built on the basis of the blockchain in the Epic Games Store.

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