Smash Bros. Update Is Coming

Smash Bros. Update Is Coming

Nintendo will soon release another update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The company announced via Twitter that it is releasing a 9.0.2 update for the game “in the near future”. It looks like the patch will overhaul various characters.

Nintendo has not yet specified when the 9.0.2 update will be released. The patch will “include character adjustments”, according to the tweet. Nintendo also warns players to convert their replay data prior to the update, as the 9.0.2 version will be incompatible when it released.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Is On The Way
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve

This update comes just weeks after Smash Bros Ultimate’s 9.0.1 patch. This primarily addressed a number of issues brought by Steve from Minecraft, the Smash Bros Ultimate’s latest DLC character. The patch also significantly changed Steve’s victory stance.

Steve is the second DLC character to arrive after Min Min’s Arms as part of Smash Bros Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Vol 2. Although Nintendo has not revealed their identities yet, four more DLC characters are on their way. The Fighters Pass Vol 2. is available for $ 30. Each DLC fighter can also be purchased separately for $ 6. Nintendo still offers freebie for the game. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can request the free Vault Shopper Set 2 product bundle from the eShop.