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Terrible Cost of Pandemic to NASA Revealed

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected almost every industry. In the one year period until the vaccine was released, companies in every sector had a hard time. NASA is one of the institutions adversely affected by the pandemic.

With the onset of the pandemic, many difficulties began to arise both in economic and social terms. People started to be unable to go out, socialize, and take a vacation despite constant unpaid leave and short work. Firms and institutions also faced serious financial losses.

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NASA also encountered problems in many of its projects during this period. The company devoted a significant amount of time and money to keeping its equipment sterile. It turned out that how much money the institution spends on antivirus.

3 billion dollar bill

Officials from the NASA Audit Office revealed the extent of the damage suffered by the agency; due to the pandemic in their study. Accordingly, the total of NASA’s current and future losses reaches $ 3 billion.

The report also explained which projects these losses affected. Accordingly, the effect of the pandemic was at the lowest level in the missions called; the Commercial Crew Program and SpaceX sent astronauts to the ISS with its own rocket.

Projects such as the James Webb Space Telescope, Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, and SLS suffered “significantly” from the pandemic; according to the report. It was stated that 1.6 billion dollars of the resulting damage was caused by the disruptions in 30 major programs and projects.

New projects especially affected

Other programs, such as SLS and other relatively new programs that were still at their starting point, ran into serious problems. SLS (Space Launch System), one of these projects, needs an additional allowance of 355 million dollars due to the pandemic. Considering that 11 billion dollars will be spent during the lifetime of the project, this loss is very remarkable in one year.

One of the prominent points in NASA’s report is that one of the most important expense items for the organization is time. While there will be delays in many programs, there will be problems in the development of new projects.

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