Tesla’s New Energy Converter

Tesla’s New Energy Converter

Tesla announced its new solar energy inverter that converts direct current to alternating current. The product in question is a complement to Tesla‘s home solar energy solution. Tesla, one of the leading companies in the electric car industry, is also giving great importance to home solar energy solutions. Since they acquired SolarCity in 2016, the company introduced its newest product in this field with its announcement.

The new Tesla Solar Inverter, together with Powerwall, complements the company’s home solar power solution. At first, Tesla Solar Inverter, a solar energy inverter, converts DC power obtained by solar energy into AC power for home use. As a matter of fact, Tesla Solar Inverter will be available for the customers of the new Tesla home solar power system by default. According to the company’s statement, the solar inverter has both high-level security features and a simple installation process.

Tesla Solar Inverter receives its power from the Powerwall 2 technology for high level security and efficiency. You can update it wirelessly over Wi-Fi, ethernet or mobile data. The inverter, which can be integrated with Tesla Powerwall and Tesla application, has 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW models.

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